Thursday, February 11, 2021

RT;DL Van de Graaff Demonstrations

What may turn out to be the most shocking (yeah, that didn't take long) aspect of my Van de Graaff demonstration sequence is how I could possibly have left your favorite VDG demo out. What was I thinking? By all means, let me have it in the comments—don't hold back.

Charging Ahead - Movie Export

If you can forgive me, I selfishly included all of my favorites. And they're not so bad. My favorites are ones I can mine for good physics that I believe my students can gather and grasp. 

Mop Head, Pie Tins vs. Styrofoam Bowls, Bubble Brigade (soap bubbles), Bad Hair Day, Green Wig, and I Blew My Top. Again, light me up in the comments for omitting the cool VDG demo you do.

There is also an explanation of how the generator works.

Student Document - Google Docs file
Answer Key - Google Docs file
Observations - HTML Export (linked to in the student document)
Observations - Movie Export (for devices that struggle with the HTML export)

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