Sunday, February 07, 2021

RT;DL Electroscopia

Here is the second qualitative electrostatics lab redesigned and video clip enhanced for use in Distance Learning. The first was "A Pithy Matter" shown in a separate post.

For "Electroscopia," we swap out the pith balls for a can-form electroscope. These were sold with cardboard inserts with angle markings to make them more electrometer-ish. In practice, removing the insert allowed students working on opposite sides of the electroscope to see the pointer without obstruction. 

The activity works through a series of observations involving charge typing, induction, and the differences between conductors and insulators. It closes with some questions students should be able to answer with the benefit of evidence. 

There are appearances of the Fun Fly Stick, a latex balloon, and my head in this activity. Not to be missed!

Here's a taste.

Electroscopia at Teachers Pay Teachers includes:
Student Document (Google Docs)
Observations (HTML export, preferred—linked to in the student document)
Observations (Movie export for devices that struggle with the HTML export)
Mystery Objects and Mystery Charges Observations (link embedded in the Answer Key)
Answer Key (Google Docs)

In practice, students "ask for help" to summon the instructor to their breakout room. Once there, students request an Object or a Charge and identify their room number. The instructor shares their screen while showing the appropriate clip, then leaves the breakout room as students interpret the observations.

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