Friday, February 26, 2021

RT;DL Seeing Magnetic Fields

This activity shows a magnetic field projectual being used to reveal the magnetic field around various configurations of bar magnets. As with all RT;DLs, this activity began as an in-class lab and has been retooled for online delivery. 

Seeing Magnetic Field - Movie Export

Seeing Magnetic Fields - Student Document (to make your own copy)

Seeing Magnetic Fields Observations and Mysteries - HTML Export (this link is in the gdoc, too)

Seeing Magnetic Fields Observations and Mysteries - Movie Export (for devices that cannot run the HTML export—this link is in the gdoc, too)

I will confess that I find watching iron filings slowly align with magnetic fields on a large screen to be calmingly satisfying. I suppose it's my ASMR.


Caroline said...

Dean, this is EXCELLENT! I especially like the "mystery configuration". I am going to steal this idea for next year if you don't mind :-)

Dean Baird said...

Here's a bonus Mystery Configuration for you, Caroline. Several questions could be posed about poles P through U. Would pole Q attract or repel pole T, for example.

Caroline said...

Thank you for this! :-)