Sunday, March 09, 2008

Conceptual Physics labs at Arbor Scientific

Paul Hewitt has posted a comprehensive set of Conceptual Physics labs at Arbor Scientific. The labs are aligned with the upcoming Conceptual Physics: The High School Physics Program (fourth edition/2009).

The labs are in Microsoft Word format. Just download and print for students. Feel free to edit them if you'd like to customize the apparatus list, instructions, or questions for your specific needs. Each lab includes instructor's notes and an answer key. There are also links at to the required supplies and equipment for each lab.

The Conceptual Physics labs at ArborSci are publication-quality activities, experiments, demonstrations, and TechLabs. Many are currently published in the lab manuals for Conceptual Physical Science, Conceptual Physical Science--Explorations, and Conceptual Integrated Science.

This lab set is also dynamic: New labs will be added as they are developed, and existing labs will be modified when improvements can be found.

Best of all, these labs are free! To start working with these labs, direct your web browser to