Tuesday, September 22, 2020

RT;DL Inertia in Action

[RT;DL is remote teaching; distance learning. Where we show our attempts to bring extant lessons into the COVID-19 era.]

In the old days of face-to-face, in-class teaching, we did a station lab activity involving inertia experiences. It was called "Inertia in Action."

I retooled it into a video-based demo in which small groups could view segments, discuss prompts, and record their ideas on a Google Doc. It may not be your cuppa. But it works for me, given the circumstances. 

The Google Doc is here: Demo - Inertia in Action.

The HTML export of my Keynote press is here: Demo - Inertia in Action. This is nice because to can advance it at your own pace. But it has trouble on phones and tables, so...

A video of the presentation is posted to YouTube: Demo - Inertia in Action. More compatible, but viewers must stop and start the video on their own.

Here's the video. It doesn't make much sense without the prompts.

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