Friday, February 25, 2011

SciVals, Take Physics, and Std posters EZ-links added

You'd think that having a week off might result in post after post of pithy pedagogical prose. But you would wrong.

The worst of it is that while my calendar insists it's already Friday, the number of items scratched off my to-do list would argue it's more like Tuesday.

Anyhow, I've added links to the "Sites, Pics, and Docs" sidebar to the right. The added links are for the Scientist Valentines, TAKE PHYSICS flyers, and the California 9-12 Physics Standards. I'd hyperlink the text in this post, but that would defeat adding the links in the sidebar.

I also gathered the links to my own content and moved them to the top because, hey, this is a blog: it's supposed to be about me!

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