Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Scientist Valentines added

Max Planck: "Energy may be quantized, but my love for you is continuous."
Nicolaus Copernicus: "My whole world revolves around you."
Michael Faraday: "Your lines of force are highly attractive."
Aristotle: "My natural place is to be with you."

Jane Goodall: "Kiss me, you fool!" (a must-see)
Lise Meitner: "I've been fission for a Valentine like you"

Rosalind Franklin: "There's no DNA-ing my love for you"
Grace Hopper: "According to my computations, you should be mine!"
Johannes Kepler: "You bring harmony to my worlds"

I was holding off on Einstein. So many ways you can go. I made my choice. And I just want to say that I didn't go into physics because I was good at poetry.

UPDATE 4: Maria Goeppert-Mayer makes 24. Whew!

Scientist Valentines

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