Friday, October 02, 2009

What to do with this?

There is a lesson in there. And the physics would make Hewitt kiss the tips of his fingers. But... go ahead; watch for yourself.
Car bowling?


stevieray said...

I think this group was investigating "Imbe-cile Motion?"
I'm assuming they dropped the ball from the passenger window directing it onto the ramp as the car moved along at constant velocity.
I love the demo - they just need to work out the catch!

alby said...

Wow. Looks like horizontal and vertical motion really are independent of each other!

stevieray said...

The key point is that the horizontal motion of the projectile (bowling ball) matched the horizontal motion of the car. In fact, the bowling ball almost went into the rear passenger side window from which it was released for its roll to the ramp. PHYSICS!!!