Saturday, October 31, 2009

Momentum treats with a few new tricks

The Book of Phyz section on momentum has been updated with new curriculum materials. And most of the old stuff has been refreshed.

Book of Phyz Momentum for High School Physics

I've been enjoying Keynote's animations and Findsound's sound effects. So don't miss the links to the zipped QuickTime presentations. I can't really post editable Keynote files or PowerPoint exports of the Keynote presos. The fonts never make it through, and animations and transitions are typically lost in translation. The interactive QuickTime presentations are the best I can do. But they don't seem to play well as web pages, so I zipped them. Download them, expand them, and play them. They're pretty engaging when used in conjunction with their corresponding paper documents in class.

Indeed, when I was out two days this week on jury duty, I left some interactive QuickTimes from this unit for the substitutes to advance through. It was the closest thing to a lesson presentation I could reasonably hope for.

Oh, and don't miss the link to the stream of Jearl Walker's Kinetic Karnival episode, "Forces and Collisions."


UPDATE: There were some typos on the PhyzJob: Conservation of Momentum Number Puzzles - Part 3: More Puzzles. They've been fixed!


CJ Chretien said...

Great Presentations!!! I can't wait to use them.

I found one mistake. In the presentation for Number Puzzles 1, on #6 you didn't change the text after you copied the slide from #3. You say a moving ball its a stationary ball but you show a head-on collision.

+1 Brownie Point


Dean Baird said...

Good call, CJ. I went back and fixed that and some other minor issues with that preso. Improved part 7 a little bit, too.

Converter said...

Good work.I never thought that momentum can also be explained in this way.

Anonymous said...

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