Wednesday, January 24, 2007

TAM Mania!

So much to say about The Amaz!ng Meeting 5, and me with so little eloquence. Fortunately John Rennie, Editor of Scientific American, has a wonderful description and review right here.

One unexpected highlight was watching James Randi go live on Anderson Cooper 360 to provide an accurate description of Sylvia Browne and her kind. Most poignant: Anderson Cooper refering to Browne as an "alleged psychic." The one-two punch of Randi and fellow skeptic (and TAM attendee) Robert S. Lancaster brought joy to the heart. The conference room filled wih TAM attendees was the place to watch this event; it included substantial audience "participation."

Here's the clip:

I'll never be able to post all I'd like to about TAM5. The TAM entry below has a link to an attempt some of us made to blog from TAM. Looks we got too distracted to do it well.


Anonymous said...

I have seen that Randi guy on this Showtime show called BullS**t! that I watch all the time. I'm assuming thaty show has something to do with this Amzing Meeting thing because Penn and Teller, the hosts of the show, are also part of TAM. I can't really find any info on what The Amazing Meeting is though. I'm curious.

Dean Baird said...

Try this link for TAM info.