Sunday, January 28, 2007

Post-PTSOS2 notes explained

Physics Teacher SOS (PTSOS) is a new teacher mentoring project I've been involved with since its inception a few years ago. The program is a collaboration of Paul Robinson (San Mateo High School), Stephanie Finander (Woodside High School), and me. We are assisted by the likes of Clarence Bakken (Gunn High School, retired), Dan Burns (Los Gatos High School), and a crew of physics teaching "veterans."

We run a series of three New Teacher Workshops each academic year. This past Saturday, we ran our second workshop. The principal topics were heat, waves, and sound. Based on the feedback forms filled out by participants as well as my own hindsight, I will offer a few post-PTSOS2 notes.

I should note that PTSOS is a project of the Northern California and Nevada Section of The American Association of Physics Teachers and is sponsored by The Karl L. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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