Sunday, January 28, 2007

Post-PTSOS2 note: Book of Phyz resources

At the workshop, I gave out copies of curriculum materials from The Book of Phyz. There are additional resources on the topics we covered available online. Additional items include informational handouts, classwork and homework assignments, video question sheets, crossword puzzles, practice tests, and presentations (in QuickTime format). The resource pages are works in progress, and there may be some broken links and resources not yet posted. But at least the price is right.

Book of Phyz: Introduction to Heat (Physics 1)
Book of Phyz: Advanced Heat and Thermodynamlcs (AP Physics 2)
Book of Phyz: Waves (Physics 1)
Book of Phyz: Harmonic Motion and Resonance (AP Physics 2)

Some attendees hoped to see dynamic demonstrations or labs involving heat engines. To this I say: "Me, too!" In my limited experience, the topics of thermodynamics simply don't lend themselves to flashy demos or engaging labs. And please read that as an invitation to educate me in the comments. Sure, the fire piston is flashy (literally), but it won't help much on an AP heat engine question.

In the meantime, I would suggest visiting the Advanced Heat and Thermodynamics page and downloading the PhyzJobs relating to thermo. The Springboards on The First Law, PV Processes, and PV Cycles are designed to take students gently into the realm of PV diagrams and heat engines.

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