Sunday, October 04, 2009

Post-PTSOS1 spotlight: Secrets of the Psychics

The episode of NOVA devoted to the work of James Randi, "Secrets of the Psychics," appears to have gone out of print. Resellers at with VHS tapes to sell are offering it for $999.99.

Thankfully, the episode has been posted to YouTube.

I wrote a question set to accompany presentation of the program.
NOVA: James Randi's Secrets of the Psychics

For the answer key, scroll to the bottom of Skepticism in the Classroom and download the Teacher PDF file.

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stevieray said...

Ah yes, Barbara Wa Wa - what an erudite journalist and critical thinker she. And ole' Tom Snyder didn't appear to be too swift either in the later sequence with the keys. it was a late night "comedian", Johnny Carson, who saw through the charade. I think magicians (and former magicians) are put off by the cheeseeness of Geller's schtick which kind of reminds me of Chris Angel's (Mind Freak?) schtuff.