Monday, May 01, 2017

Chaldni Color

While finding links for the Chladni singing post I found this video as well. 

The description is: "Musician Kenichi Kanazawa creating sand art via vibrations on his special table. The coloured sand takes shape as the vibration frequencies fluctuate." Essentially Kanazawa has made a large Chladni plate that he is resonating. By using different color sand he gets some beautiful images. Using mallets  of different sizes (perhaps different materials?) Kanazawa rubs the mallet along one edge of the table. You can hear the tone produced each time carry until he touches the table again. At some points the video cuts and you can see different shapes in the sand. I don't know if the cleared areas are in fact antinodes or if the sand was manipulated during the film cut. I was not able to find much on this artist so we may never know!

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