Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sonar ruler for you iPhone

You call yourself a physics teacher and you don't have a sonic ruler in your pocket? Tisk tisk!

Sonar Ruler Demo from cc laan on Vimeo.


Lee Trampleasure said...

I'm not sure if the accuracy and/or number of significant figures is enough for me "77 inches, well that's pretty close" as he moves his hand sideways...

Dean Baird said...

Fair enough. I like it as a demonstration of the principle. It's not a gem of precision. And accuracy is limited by the temperature match, etc. I've never used the commercially available ones (which, of course, cost >$1).

I still say it's very groovy!

stevieray said...

I that a Sonic Ruler on your iPhone or are you just glad to see me?
I like the COOLness - needs another iteration or two before I shell out a hard-earned buck (5.5 minutes of work at the Apple Store) for the thing.
I'll consider buying it when it can track a dragon fly flittering through the night sky.