Sunday, January 26, 2020

PTSOS Workshop 2 Links of Phyz

Here are some notes and links relevant to PTSOS Workshop #2. If you're new to teaching physics in Northern California, check out

Momentum and Energy
I prefer momentum before energy, but I've run into teachers who consider those to be fightin' words.

Phyz Momentum Curriculum

One highlight here is our Grass Omelette (Egg Toss Competition). In 2013, I had five sections of Physics, so I was able to compile an adequate set of images and video to make a tidy video: Egg Toss 2013

Phyz Energy Curriculum

If you're a fan of ranking items, you might enjoy
Potential Energy Ranking - Answers
Kinetic Energy and Momentum Rankings

Further distinctions between kinetic energy and momentum are explored here.
Kinetic Energy and Momentum Conundrums - Answers

For video resources, there's
The Mechanical Universe High School: Conservation of Momentum, and Conservation of Energy
The Mechanical Universe (College): Conservation of Energy, Potential Energy, and Conservation of Momentum.

Waves and Sound
Phyz Waves Curriculum

One of my favorite lessons is a nice foray into skepticism: Back Masking and EVP (Drop Box Link to Keynote Presentation). I connect it to a lesson that involves Musical Roads and Talkie Tapes.

Demo: Science is Fun!

For video resources, there's
The Mechanical Universe High School: Introduction to Waves
The Mechanical Universe (College): Waves
PBS: The Secret Life of Waves

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