Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Earth Science Week 2: Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate

With the prelims out of the way, this series gets straight into it. The atmosphere, weather, storms, and climate. It's only Tuesday, but this is the most ambitious series of the five I've prepared in Earth Science. Fourteen pages of video question goodness. Focus will be maintained!

The hot linked videos (where available) below may or may not be the best versions that currently stream. Video hot-links are highly ephemeral. Use your Google-fu or purchase hard media versions for better results.

Series 2: The Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate.

2.1. The Atmosphere. National Geographic: Our Atmosphere

2.2. Weather. Modern Marvels: Predicting Weather

2.3. Storms. NOVA: Megastorm Aftermath

2.4. Climate. National Geographic: Before the Flood
This one streamed for free for a short period after it was released. It now streams for a fee. In fairness, it is a major production that is very much worth owning.

Here's the Lessons of Phyz link to the question sets on Teachers Pay Teachers:
Series 2: The Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate.

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