Friday, June 22, 2018

Rio Phyz 2018 media shoebox

There is no history unless you record it. I used to be much more active in getting candids in class of students conducting lab activities.

But I still like to get some from ExploratoRio. So I get students to snap up what they can during the event. I sifted and sorted, then cobbled together a slide show in the Mac OS Photos application. Set it to a bit of music, then uploaded it to YouTube. Turns out, you have to set the video to "private" when you use copyrighted music. So that's what I do. Here's the link.

Fascinated: The ExploratoRio 2018 Slide Show

I still break out the camera for Egg Toss and Van de Graaff generator activities. And class portraits on the day of the final exam, immediately following the issuance of the class's PhyzMaster certificates.

Here's the photo album.

Rio Phyz 2018 Photo Album
2018 00 Rio Phyz

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