Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Physics Girl's twist on polarized light

If you're not subscribed to Dianna Cowern's Physics Girl channel, you should fix that as soon as you can.

She's got a nice episode on polarized light that covers the basics and extends into ... things I didn't know! As Paul Hewitt would say, "Yum!"

Take a look for yourself. If you already knew about human visual sensitivity to polarized light, you're ahead of me. (Not really a high bar, but still...)

Physics Girl: Only some humans can see this type of light

It was so much fun, I wanted to show it in class when I teach polarized light. Of course, I have that condition (?) that compels me to write up a questions set that students complete while they watch the video (and a bonus question for after).

That question sheet can be found at the link below:
YouTube Physics: Only some humans can see this type of light @ TPT

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