Monday, November 06, 2017

Catch and Splash: Grass Omelette XVII

After a few year's dalliance with Energy before Momentum, I have switched back to Momentum before Energy. Please don't flame!

One benefit to the return is that our annual egg toss competition, Grass Omelette, has returned to late October/early November. And that increases the likelihood of nice weather.

We conduct the event prior to any discussion on impulse so that we can refer to it during or after our lessons on F∆t = m∆v.

I shoot the catches at 120 fps so that I can pull half-decent still images of "splashes" to give to the individual students who were brave enough to don the plastic ponchos and kilts. I'm currently using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200. Maybe in the future, I'll shoot normal-speed 4K video to get better stills. At some point, consumer high-speed 4K will be available. I know the Sony RX10 iv can shoot 24 fps at full resolution (as well as 960 fps lower-res high-speed).

In any case...

Egg Toss 2017 Catches

Egg Toss 2017 Splashes

When I had 5 sections of Physics (no AP anything and no Conceptual Physics) in 2013, I had enough to produce an amusing compendium set to Vangelis' Chariots of Fire.

Egg Toss 2013

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