Wednesday, April 16, 2014

AP Physics at Rio update

We didn't have AP Physics B this past year. Enrollment sign-ups were insufficient for the school to run the course.

Recently-revealed evidence suggests that the dearth of sign-ups might have been related to the grading practices followed by colleagues who teach AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Environmental Science. The case was laid out in a previous post.

Students have now signed up for their Fall classes. I have been informed that there is sufficient enrollment for the school to run both new AP Physics courses: AP Physics1 and AP Physics 2, in addition to three sections of Physics.

It's the "nightmare" I hoped for: three different courses to prepare ("three preps" as we say in the faculty lounge). AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 are brand-new, never-been-taught courses, so it'll be like seating thread-forming screws. To make matters worse, I intend to redesign our Physics course, aligning it more closely to Next Generation Science Standards and to our adopted textbook.

Here's some information on the new AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 courses being launched in 2014-15.


Julia Cuny said...

there, not their.

Dean Baird said...

Brownie point: Awarded. Thanks!

Eric Plett said...

I don't know how you keep everything straight and find the time for all the work. My head is spinning just reading about the work you are doing. That being said, I eagerly await the 'unveiling' of all your.retooling. Next year I have 3 AP1 and 2 AP2. Only two preps but five AP's. it should be interesting.

Unknown said...

Is AP Physics 1 a prereq for AP Physics 2? Can students take them concurrently at your school? Is regular physics a prerequisite for either? Trying to see how this could work at my school. Starting next year we will be offering AP Physics 1 to juniors and seniors - no regular physics required. AP Physics 2 would be available the following year to Seniors who have taken AP Physics 1 their junior year.

Dean Baird said...

There are no science prereqs for AP Physics 1.

AP Physics 2 is open to any who have successfully completed AP Physics 1 or (NGSS) Physics and have the math savvy (done with Algebra 2 and into Pre-calculus or better).