Sunday, April 07, 2013 and ftp are down during nameserver update

Pleaee excuse the cyberdust.

Email sent to will bounce until further notice.

In the meantime, is functional.

My ability to update also appears to be lost for the time being.

This all traces back to Apple's abandonment of iDisk web hosting, and thus my subsequent need to relocate. I chose Rage Software as my new home a year ago. But apparently the nameservers at needed to be changed.

Doing that caused to stop functioning correctly due to MX and CNAME records. (Obvi!)

Why Cyberduck cannot access my webspace is no doubt similarly obvious.

Changing nameservers was a requirement of Rage SW. They assured me my site would fail if I didn't do this soon. So I did it. And am waiting for them to fix my email and ftp services. I'm sure it will all be shiny when it's done. But for now, everything appears to be broken.

The school's getting wireless access that allegedly functions. Part of that process requires that I abandon my AirPort access (which worked flawlessly) and hope that the new access can be made equally functional. A bonus of the new access is that, unlike my AirPort access, you get to provide login credentials every time you begin a session of web access. Every time.

Emailing the district's tech guru got me a gentle rebuke for not using the district's SchoolWorld or Schoology for creating/maintaining the web pages that I built in the late 1990s, long before the district had a web presence. I think he hopes I'll find time time to--brick by brick--reconstruct my robust, "private" mansion among the wee cottages allowed on district property.

So many tech penalties, it makes the luddites seem like the smart ones.

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Kurt Zeppetello said...

We just officially got wireless in our district. They replaced the $40 Netgear wireless routers for five $1000 Cisco routers that can handle 30 persons max per router. No prob if our school had only 150 students...