Sunday, February 03, 2013

Student Opinion of Teacher 2013

I was only able to run my annual Student Opinion of Teacher Survey in my Physics 1 classes (four sections) this year.

Here's last year's post for a refresher/comparison.

This year's results:
Overall: B+ (3.43/4.00) [3.50/4.00 is required for an A–]

Top Five
Teacher seems to know subject matter A 3.96
Teacher is prepared for daily class work A 3.93
Students had opportunities to use advanced technology A– 3.78
Teacher is in control of class A– 3.78
Presentations (PowerPoints) were effective A– 3.71
Bottom Five
Teacher is patient when student doesn't understand subject matter B– 2.62
Teacher is willing to give extra help B– 2.75
Teacher explains subject matter clearly B– 2.77
Did you receive as much individual attention as you needed B– 2.77
What was your level of participation B– 2.87

Complete Summary
A multicolor chart representation:

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AlanCalac said...

Thanks for sharing, Dean.

By the way, following the links to find the survey documents will take you to a broken link. The link to the survey doc on your new server host is here: