Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gangnam Style In Space!

NA, NA, NA, NA... NASA Johnson Style...

Special thanks to astronauts Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Mike Massimino and Clay Anderson
Special thanks to Mr. Mike Coats, Dr. Ellen Ochoa, and all supporting senior staff members

"NASA Johnson Style" Lyrics
NASA Johnson Style
Johnson Style

Welcome to NASA's Johnson Space Center
We are coming in hot so don't burn up as we enter
We do science everyday that affects your daily life
Throw them up for manned space flight

Science everywhere
As we engineer the marvels
That fly though the air
And take us way beyond earth's levels

Science everywhere
Because we engineer the marvels
That fly though the air
Flies us through the air

Control the mission out of Johnson
This is ground, hey!
And this is space, hey!
Tell me Houston what's the problem
It's okay!
It's okay!
Because there's flight controllers on the job today

Johnson STYLE! ...

Orbiting earth, international space station
Where we work and live in space with a crew from several nations
Got Japanese, and Russians, that European charm
Throw them up, like the Canada Arm

Kicking out research
29k cubic feet, revolves around the earth
Science microgravity, revolves around the earth
Columbus, JEM, and Destiny
Kicking out research
Kicking out research

Train the astronauts at Johnson
To go to space, hey!
To go to space, hey!
Cause the missions of tomorrow
Start today, hey!
Start today, hey!
As we engineer the future day by day

Johnson STYLE! ...

Orion or SLS, MPCV
We cannot feel the floor, cause the lack gravity
The destinations are an asteroid, Mars, or moon
We are blasting off start the countdown soon
[Sound clip: launch countdown]

... NASA Johnson Style

In case you're either of the people who haven't seen the original PSY video (viewed over 1,000,000,000 times), you're welcome.

Hat tip to Menlo School's Marc Allard.

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