Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hail storm in Sacramento at 240 fps

We had a pretty heavy downpour of hail at about 5:45 pm on Wednesday, March 23. I grabbed my Casio EX-FH100 and set it to 240 frames per second. From the safety of my eave, I shot a few clips. Pea-sized hail poured down and thunder rolled through. (Always best to go full-screen on these, in my humble opinion.)

I liked the bouncing action apparent near the gutter.

The hail lasted much longer than it usually does (in my experience). So the accumulation was somewhat significant by the end of it all.

These are unedited and may run longer than your patience. If so, skip to the next one or just click pause to stop. Enjoy!


Lee Trampleasure said...

These would be great for video analysis; I love the projectile motion of the bouncing hail. Can you provide some dimensions of objects in the videos?

Dean Baird said...

The overspilling gutter is 0.18 m tall.