Saturday, June 05, 2010

College Board misses its own deadline

I don't have any reason to be optimistic about AP Physics B Redesign news in 2010.

I have heard about pending changes. Took part in a survey. Attended an AAPT meeting session devoted to the redesign. In Summer 2008. In Spring 2009, I blogged about the pending redesign.

In Fall 2009, the College Board rolled out a public page announcing that the redesign information, itself, would be available "in early 2010."

I felt safe that upon returning to that page in June 2010, I would see the promised info fully revealed. My hope was misplaced.

The page now promises,

"Additional information about the revisions to AP science courses and exams and the range of resources, including sample questions, that will be available to teachers to facilitate the integration of these changes into their courses will be announced in fall 2010."

Fall doesn't end until late December. By then the holiday season is upon us. And by then, the page may be updated to reflect that the details will be posted "by early 2011," which doesn't end until June one year from now.

I guess we'll get the information when the College Board actually releases it. Promise dates and timelines appear to bear no authority.


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