Sunday, January 31, 2010

Artist generates shocking images in current work

Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto uses a Van de Graaff generator to create "images of electricity." Film photographers worry about static electricity; it can scar negatives. Sugimoto shocks film on purpose! He uses a Van de Graaff generator as his static charge source.

Physics teachers derive much fun and pedagogical grooviness out of the VDG. And it is a powerful research instrument in its own right (that was Robert Van de Graaff's intention). Nice to see a visual artist bending the device to his own purposes. Sugimoto shows great potential!

Source: Wired, via Huffington Post.

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Stevie Ray said...

I'll have to keep an "ion" his work.
Didn't Nikolai Tesla start all of this high-voltage photography stuff or was it his lab assistant "Sparky?"