Monday, July 27, 2009

My Big Bang Theory good fortune

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to see Bill Prady at The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 in Las Vegas. Ask me about Father Bruce's Fly Fishing Fashion Review sometime. Today, I was lucky enough to see David Saltzberg at The American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting in Ann Arbor.

Bill Prady is an executive producer on The Big Bang Theory. David Saltzberg is the science consultant on The Big Bang Theory.

So I'm in Big Bang heaven! The show's audience has grown from 8 million to 10 million. The hope is to grow that to 13 million with a better time slot in season three.

Saltzberg related a story about a nice email exchange with a young lady enrolled high school physics regarding how far the Earth moved during an on-screen kiss. He also received a touching note from Isaac Asimov's granddaughter.

One thing I will put David Saltzberg on the spot for is his intent to have the show produce a teacher DVD with science-related clips perhaps after season three. He mentioned it, but it's not always easy for people in his position to see the true value of such a thing. During Q&A, I told Saltzberg how I use a Big Bang clip in my class. Surprisingly, he was aware of my blog post relating that lesson, and assured me that Bill Prady was aware of it, too. So much for my theory that only three people (including my mother) ever read this blog.


Eric W. said...

I just returned from a 5 1/2 week trip in which my main source of entertainment during down/travel time was the first two seasons of The Big Bang Theory on my iPod. I love that show.

Julia (Cuny) Meyer said...

Elizabeth LOVES that shows. She is duly impressed. As is the rest of my family (except Julianne - she doesn't care one way or the other). Elizabeth has announced that she now really wants to be in your class.

Unknown said...

First of all, this is my most favorite show. I like to watch this all time hit show online. I do not miss Big Bang Theory Episodes.