Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 STAR test results are up

Results for the California Standards Tests administered last spring have been tabulated and posted. You can find them at the STAR website.

Hints on how to work the page:
1. Leave the default CST selection in the "CST" popup menu. You'll get all the CSTs and Physics will be near or at the bottom of the subsequent report.
2. Tailor the report to your interest. If you want to see results from the whole state, don't narrow by county, etc. Simply click the "View Report" button.
3. If you wish to narrow the results to your county alone, select your county from the "County" popup menu.
4. To narrow the results to your district, select your district from the "District" popup menu.
5. To refine the search to your school, select your school from the "School" popup menu.

For a more useful report--one that will show how your students performed in specific content areas--consult your school or district administrators.

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