Friday, February 08, 2008

The new STAR Physics RTQs are up!

Here they are!

As always, let me know if you find anything objectionable in the new set.

UPDATE: No points will be awarded for finding the typographical errors in item #10 or item #64. The error in #64 though... wow! Not to worry: those will be fixed "with all deliberate speed."

A skyhook and roundtuit will be awarded to the first commenter who correctly identifies the previously-released RTQ that has now been retired. The CDE is not completely deaf to item criticism from the field.


LeeTramp said...

Dean, thanks for the post. Always nice to have access to these.


Anonymous said...

PH1. g. Students know circular motion requires the application of a constant force directed toward the center of the circle.

Should read UNIFORM circular motion

Dean Baird said...

Anonymous, I
1. agree, and
2. can assure you that the chances of modifying California's Academic Content Standards are, as they say, "between slim and none; and slim just left."

Typos in the RTQs will be fixed. Errors in the standards... do not exist.

Anonymous said...

Gee, these sure are helpful with the STAR review packets...

CTF opportunity? :D

Dean Baird said...

Hello 2a-2,
Indeed they are! Good thing none of my students every check this blog or they'd have an inside track on that competition.