Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Book of Phyz updated: Advanced Circuits

Not so much an update as an addition. AP Physics B: Advanced Circuits. The previous Advanced Circuits page was merely a placeholder. Now there's actual content!

It took a while to work out which circuit labs belonged in Physics 1 and which belonged in AP Physics 2. Hence the delay. It's all worked out (at least for now), so I felt it was safe to post the content of the page.

As with the previous update, this one applies to our second-year, AP Physics B course.

I'm particularly happy with how the new TechLabs worked out. We revisit the classic Ohm's Law lab with digital sensors generating real-time graphs. The original lab (completed by students when they were in Physics 1) was done with analog meters! Somehow I managed to jump over digital multimeters.


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