Sunday, April 22, 2007

ExploratoRio 2007

This year's ExploratoRio was visited by low temperatures and rain. But it was also visited by parents, teachers, and administrators. More importantly, it was visited by elementary school students from Del Dayo, Gold River Discovery Center, Sierra Oaks, and Billy Mitchell.

It was not visited by Channel 31's Good Day Sacramento. Apparently co-host Mark S. Allen made an on-air comment that he would come see us (so as to secure extra credit for a physics student who wrote in to the show). ExploratoRio came and went, but not so much as a cameraperson from KMAX showed up. Wait--a TV personality made an on-air promise that he didn't keep? Color me astonished!

Nevertheless, it was--as always--the grooviest destination during Open House. The hard work of our physics students paid off handsomely. The elementary teachers reported that the rest of the day back in their classroom was essentially lost to enthusiastic tales and questions surrounding the science they saw at Rio.

And in a few years, those students will be enrolled in our course and have the chance to build their own exhibits and thrill "the next generation."

This year, I left all photography to selected students. Here is their work.

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