Saturday, March 24, 2007

PTSOS3 Book of Phyz resources

The topics addressed in PTSOS3 are electricity, magnetism, and light. And, of course, mechanics. I distributed a big pack of physics love, including material from the following sections of The Book of Phyz.

1.08 Electricity (Physics 1)
1.09 Circuits (Physics 1)
1.10 Electromagnetism (Physics 1)
1.12 Light (Physics 1)
1.13 Wave Optics (Physics 1)
1.14 Mirrors and Lenses (Physics 1)

There are a few related items found in

2.07 Advanced Electricity (Physics 2)
2.08 Advanced Circuits (Physics 2)

There's also a link to the STAR Test/Physics CST released test questions in the margin to the right.

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