Thursday, May 17, 2018

Breaking: The Yanny/Laurel Divide

UPDATE: Well, this is a rabbit hole you might enjoy: The New York Times made a Yanny/Laurel slider. Spend some time with it. It harbors surprises that intrigue. Perception is pliable. 

New York Times Yanny/Laurel Slider

It seems to be a matter of utmost international importance that I share this cogent audio demonstration involving the consumptive "Yanny vs. Laurel" debate.

YouTuber Dylan Bennett presents
1. The unaltered audio clip.
2. The clip with the high-frequencies masked.
3. The clip with the low-frequencies masked.

Yanny / Laurel - Removing High/Low Frequencies

As we age and/or do damage to our ears, it's typically the high-frequency response that goes first, as I understand things.

Reports are that this is a machine voice tasked with pronouncing "Laurel". Many folks with high-frequency hearing loss seem delighted to hear "Laurel". Many with acute high-frequency hearing detect "Yanny" with no ambiguity. Some folks report hearing both or that what they hear changes from one to the other. ...Auditory Switzerland?

I hope this brings peace to the many for whom this polemic has harshed an extant calm.


Len said...

Apparently the original sound file is from – a student was looking up "laurel" and played the audio file. It sounded like nanny to her (him?) and the controversy was born.

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