Saturday, April 27, 2013

Magnet Boys

I'll be presenting "Skepticism in the Classroom" once again at the AAPT's Summer Meeting in Portland. (It's W42, Sunday 1-5pm.)

We'll go through this gem and plenty more of a similar nature.

A seven year old boy in Serbia is shown to possess magnetic characteristics. Not to be outdone, Croatians show off a magnet boy of their own. And he's only six! Half a world away, an 11 year old Brazilian boy mystifies a doctor with a similarly attractive body.

But on an amusing Korean television program, James "The Amazing" Randi puts real-life Magnetos to the test. You know how this will end.

Magnet Boys (Interactive QuickTime) [coming soon!]

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Stevie Ray Gauss said...

Bummer - there goes his dream of operating the MRI machine at the local hospital.