Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did Jessica jinx Tony?

The fact that you know what that headline refers to is disappointing. We'd think we live in an enlightened age of critical thinking, but belief in supernatural woo is higher per capita now than it was in The Dark Ages.

If you don't know what the headline is about, welcome back to Earth! Go ahead and read this and this. Google the headline for much, much more.

A brief reality check: Anyone can have a bad day for any number of reasons. I'm guessing this was not the first game Tony played with thoughts of Jessica somewhere in his mind. I'll go so far as to suggest that many NFL quarterbacks have played decent (or better) games while "romantically distracted." The longer you think about it, the sillier it gets.

The traction of stories like this reveal how much we want to "bleeve" in things for which there is no evidence.



Brother Douglas said...

Well, clearly Woo-Woo has been discredited for a very long time. But you can't so simply dismiss Bad Joo-Joo. It truly explains EVERYTHING!

Dean Baird said...

You got me there.