Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Carl Sagan blog-a-thon

Carl Sagan died December 20, 1996. If I were more eloquent than I am, I'd be able to write something profound about how his work changed my life. As it is, I will say that Carl Sagan was shining light in an increasingly demon-haunted world. Intelligent, smart, humble, and balanced. And indefatigable. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Sagan's death, a blog-a-thon was announced. Bloggers with more to say and with better skills to it say are filling the web with remembrances this day.

In keeping with my concrete-sequential cognitive style, I offer a page of Cosmos-related curriculum material.

The worksheets offered are intended for student use while screening the episodes of Sagan's ground-breaking, award-winning PBS series, Cosmos.

If you're a teacher with the DVD set in hand, click to the page below and take whatever you find useful.

Cosmos in the Classroom

And thanks, Carl.

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