Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Science Films

The Museum of Moving Images has created this "Science & Film" teacher guide with a list of short science-related films for the classroom organized by discipline.
From their introduction page: 
"Filmmakers are making many different types of films and Museum of the Moving Image publishes Sloan Science & Film to enhance public understanding of science through film. This is a guide to 46 short narrative (fiction) films–all supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's nationwide film program–available for streaming in your classroom, which explore science and technology themes and characters. Our goal is to help teachers engage elementary, middle, and high school students in STEM learning.
- Films range from 4 to 33 minutes, averaging 20 minutes in length
- Each film correlates with National Standards, New York State Standards, and New York City Science Scope and Sequence (with a comprehensive appendix of all three attached), and can be customized to meet your needs
- Subjects include astronomy, biology, chemistry, ecology, evolution, genetics, mathematics, physics, psychology, technology, and the history of science
- Included with each film are possible questions to explore and science resources for further engagement"

The Physics portion starts on page 35 by the way.

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