Monday, April 04, 2016

Ice Scream - a new ExploratoRio Science Snack

When broadcast television was something people watched, networks would pitch their "encore presentations with the line, "If you haven't seen it before, it's new to you!"

Somewhere in the running conveyor belt that is my Facebook feed, I recall seeing a video of a Kennedy half dollar coin being set into a cavity in a chunk of dry ice. The coin and ice produced vibrations and sound.

When two students ran me through the paces of their Bubble Suspension build (for our upcoming ExploratoRio2016 on Wednesday, April 13), they left some dry ice behind in my classroom sink.

So it's me, some sublimating dry ice in a sink, and no one else around. Recipe for serendipity if ever there was one.

After dousing the frozen carbon dioxide and blowing the subsequent cloud out of my sink a few times (that never gets old), I found a nearby electrophorus and pressed it into the sublimating mound.

What happened next is best relayed in the form of a video, which drops the action to 1/8th speed at about 20 seconds in.

So unexpected was the sound that I decided a new ExploratoRio Science Snack was in order. The title of "Ice Scream" wrote itself with little help from me.

The details (as much as I know them or foresee them) are in the recipe linked to below.

Ice Scream - ExploratoRio Science Snack.

Note: Adopting the look and feel of the original Exploratorium Science Snackbookq was not an accident.

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