Thursday, July 23, 2015

FLIR ONE 2.0 "See the Heat" camera now available*

I'm a fan of photography and imaging. I do a bit of photography, myself. I am a fan of Harold Edgerton's high-speed photography and videography.

I jumped on Casio's EX-F1 when it came out in 2008, and recommended it to physics teachers. My friend and colleague, Dan Burns, got one and came up with a simple rule for what to record in high speed: "If it moves, shoot it!"

When I heard that the heat imaging experts at FLIR were developing a consumer-level product, I looked it up. They were selling FLIR ONE, a camera/case combination for the iPhone 5/5S. I had an iPhone 4S, so I didn't bite. When I upgraded to an iPhone 6, the FLIR ONE was still not an option.

At CES 2015, FLIR announced the next version of FLIR ONE. It wasn't a case, but rather an attachment that connected to the iPhone via the Lightning connector.

As I was beginning my journey to wilds of Alaska, FLIR announced that the new ONE was shipping. By the time I got back to order one, the wait time was up to about six weeks.

Poke around FLIR ONE page.

Check out the marketing video; it's stronger on the funny than it is on the informative.

Or this one. A bit more informative…

Flir One Review

*I don't know how back-ordered they are now, but the sooner you buy, the sooner you'll get.

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