Saturday, February 18, 2012

Physics fashion: Magnetic nail polish

Yet another item to file under "Applications of elementary physics that somebody cashed in on, just not you."

This can also be filed under "You're such a dude; this stuff is sooo last October!"

Late to the party once again. Nevertheless, here it is: magnetic nail polish.

Sephora/nails inc. video:

Physics Central article: "Magnets: Where Physics Meets High Fashion"

io9 article: "The Physics of Magnetic Nail Polish"

Looks to me like the supplied magnet uses a Halbach Array ("rippled polarity") common to refrigerator magnets. I would say there is potential for add-on enhancements to this product. Who will be the enterprising artist who figures out how to make more interesting magnetic field patterns to freeze into polished nails? Candy stripes are OK, but should that be the end of it? How about neodymium chips set creatively into a ceramic base?

Hat tip: Jennifer Ouellette.

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