Monday, February 06, 2012

Get your Scientist Valentines here!

It's that time of year again. Time to celebrate love and science for Valentines Day. My contributions can be found in my collection of Scientist Valentines.

There are 24 in all. "Collect 'em and trade 'em with friends!"

The story of these valentines can be found here and here.

Scientist Valentines


John Millard said...

How about one for a favorite astronomer - Henrietta Swan Leavitt. Her discovery of the period-luminosity relationship in variable stars showed that "island universes" were acutally other galaxies outside our own, thereby increasing the size of the known universe dramatically and blowing away the limitations of parallax measurement!

I'm sure you can think of a more clever slogan but perhaps,

"Our relationship is luminous"


"My universe is bigger with you in it!"

juliet.bashore said...

Or maybe:
"My love for you.. take it or Leavitt."

Risk Physics said...

How about Cecilia Payne, who discovered the composition of the Sun?