Wednesday, February 08, 2012

And so it begins: ExploratoRio 2012

Rio's Open House is two months away, but our preparations for ExploratoRio 2012 began this week. ExploratoRio is the annual homage to San Francisco's Exploratorium Science Museum that I orchestrate. (You can find more posts on ExploratoRio by clicking the tag off in the column on the right.)

Two of the eight weeks between now and Open House are school vacations, and there is a sequence to this process that requires time. One thought that never strikes my mind when we're setting up on ExploratoRio Eve is, "we should start preparing for this thing LATER next year."

Too many ExploratoRio resources can be accessed via my ExploratoRio Page.

Step 1: The Posting of the Snacks (and Staff Positions, beyond the frame of this pic)

The snacks are taped over the student minibios that grace the back of the room all year. More on those in another post. (If I remember.)

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