Sunday, June 12, 2011

Paul Hewitt visits Rio Americano

The educational value of the last day of school is rightly debated. It's the day after graduation; seniors have been gone for several days. Final exams are over. There is no new material to teach or learn. Options for disciplining misbehavior are limited.

We spend years making our students smart, so they realize that consequences for unauthorized absence or failure to keep to their daily schedule are minimal. The result is that many students do not show up, and the ones who do feel entitled to some degree of off-task behavior. Teachers the foil off-task behavior potential by not offering a task to stray from.

Friday, June 10, however, was the best Last Day of School we ever had in the history of Rio Physics. Conceptual Physics author, Mr. Paul Hewitt came for a visit! In the casual setting of the day, he answered student questions, offered sage advice to students, posed for pictures, and signed autographs (with cartoons to boot).

We were able to visit physics colleague, Mrs. Lucy Jeffries, on her last day at Rio and say "hi" to the principal, Mr. Brian Ginter, and vice-principal, Mrs. Vanessa Adolphson as well.

Hewitt was welcomed by physics students who appreciated his textbook and saw him in action in his Conceptual Physics Alive! videos. I will freely admit bias in this matter, but I cannot imagine the author of any other textbook used on campus being given so enthusiastic a reception had they paid a visit. If I'm wrong, please correct me in the comments. Non-physics students were coming in to get pics and autographs!

Hewitt had a great time at Rio. He found the campus to be beautiful and the students to be delightful.

One student put it best in the caption of the Hewitt "groupie" shot he immediately posted to his Facebook profile. As if to chide those who skipped or slept through Hewitt's visit, he posted his prize pic with the note, "You so jelly I could make you my lunch!"

If you're a student who got a shot with Mr. Hewitt, send it to me and I'll add it to the album linked below.

Hewitt at Rio photos at Flickr.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Do you think we could get Paul to speak to the Global Physics Department sometime?

Anonymous said...

which part of our campus is at all beautiful?

Dean Baird said...

It's difficult to imagine one's own school to be "beautiful" when you have little or no basis for comparison. In reality, Rio is nicely landscaped by crews of "weekend warriors" and hard-working faculty and staff. We also have an increasing number of colorful murals. And what school has better-looking students than Rio?

eneriyonas said...

hi sir,

im a young high school physics teacher here in the philippines, im only 24 yrs old.

i started teaching when i was 20yrs old..i hope i can get some advices and strategies from you since you are already veteran in the profession so i can teach physics more effectively to my students.

i just found your blog only is very cool!!!

ooh, by the way, im a big fan of paul hewitt..ive been using his book since my college days. he is just so incredible! i sooo love him..i would faint if i see him! hehe

thanks soo much, sir!

with respect and love,
irene of philippines