Sunday, January 30, 2011

PTSOS: Jelly Baby Wave Machine

Among the many groovy aspects of PTSOS is the sharing among participants. The veterans up front have seen many things, but we haven't seen it all.

While discussing the Bell Labs wave machine, one of the participants at yesterday's PTSOS2 mentioned a Gummi Bear wave machine made with bamboo skewers and tape.

Here's a link to a video of the device. In the UK, they have Jelly Babies rather than Gummi Bears. (They also have G-clamps. Honestly, isn't that a better name than C-clamps?)

Looks like a winner to me!

I'm thinking... Dots or Crows might be the way to go on this (in the states).


Rob Benn said...

Hey for those who are hesitant to let students play with sharp pointy things (skewers) and candy, you can instead use straws paperclips and standard masking tape. it is cheaper and students don't eat the paper clips. (or at least not man!)

You can also hang it vertically from the roof. I had eight vertical straw machines in my room two weeks ago. Add weighs to the tape at the bottom to provide a restitution force,

Stevie Ray said...

This device nicely models the waves of nausea I get whenever I eat Jelly Babies (i.e. Gummy Bears)