Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squirrel vs. Slinky

The squirrel is a simple creature motivated by two all-consuming drives. One of those drives is to eat. So if there's tasty bird food accessible from atop a pole, you climb the pole and get the tasty bird food.

The human male is a slightly more complex creature. His brain has lobes, and his hands have opposable thumbs. His drives include those of the squirrel, but he also hopes to demonstrate mastery over his domain. If the bird feeder he put in his yard is being attacked by a squirrel, he aims to thwart the squirrel to better serve the birds.

So the man engineers an elegant means to "squirrel-proof" his bird feeder using a simple Slinky. Higher thinking skills vs. basic instinct. Who will win? Watch to find out.

1 comment:

Stevie Ray said...

Squirrel Proof is an oxymoron (sharp fool). A human being will NEVER out smart a squirrel when it comes to denying them victuals - the folly is believing they can.
The Google Ad for cotton was an interesting attachment - I was expecting a plug for squirrel-skin caps.