Saturday, October 30, 2010

The PhyzMasters of Junipero Serra High

My physics-teaching friend, Eric Plett, is a veteran of our PTSOS program. He's even been able to utilize some of The Book of Phyz curriculum materials in his physics classes.

One of the tangential jokes I sometimes sneak into my PTSOS shtick is that some years ago, some of my students developed a "call sign" ("gang sign") evocative of the "db" symbol placed on a bottom corner of my handouts. Over the years, the "db" hand flash has evolved into a few varieties. The point is to mimic the letters with one's fingers.

Anyway, Mr. Plett recently sent me this photo of his second period class.

Here's what he told me about the photo:

"At the beginning of the year I explain that we will be using materials from a teacher friend of mine....

They enjoy the humor in your materials.

One of my students said, "There should be a call sign for Dean Baird." I told him that there is and showed him. Since then, the second period class loves to flash the sign. A few of them said they even wanted to do it in their senior photo but the dean wouldn't let  them because he didn't know what it meant.

Here is my second period class. The most enthusiastic of the bunch  (who originally asked about the call sign) is the one lying on the  floor."

It's assuring to know that Serra's dean has good sense. And my ginormous ego will be able eat for a month with a groovy photo like that!

Thanks for the tribute, Padres. Phyz on with your bad selves, and enjoy all of Mr. Plett's crazy demos this year!


Anonymous said...

Yee! 2nd Period. Phyzz is what it is! "db"

Morgan Lacey Lambert said...

Operation Pen Pal.

Dean Baird said...

OK Padres, Morgan's looking for a pen-pal. She can keep you posted on all madness of Rio Phyz if you let her know what the PhyzPadres are up to.