Monday, August 16, 2010

STAR 2010 scores are up!

The 2010 STAR scores are now live. The high-flying Physics CST scores continue to climb.

Here's the statewide skinny:
72,766 students took the 2010 Physics CST
21% performed at the Advanced level
28% were Proficient
33% were Basic
11% were Below Basic
8% were Far Below Basic

The percent of Advanced and Proficient scores stands at 49%, up from last year's pack-leading 46%. The number of physics students earning Advanced or Proficient status has increased by 20% since 2003. No other subject-area test has seen anything close that kind of performance gain. Here's an obligatory Excel graph to show the story of the stats.

(click image to embiggen)

Congratulations, California physics teachers!


Frank said...

I checked mine and my students did better this year!!

(Level: % in '09 => % in '10)
Advanced: 0% => 13%
Proficient: 9% => 30.4%
Basic: 33% => 26%
Below Basic: 42% => 17%
Far Below Basic: 15% => 13%

Thanks for the Spring workshop!

Stevie (Galapagos) Ray said...

Oh Yeah? Just wait until the test scores come in for my Intelligent Design class.