Saturday, March 13, 2010


My first year of teaching (1986-87) was a blur while it was in progress. I was new to teaching, new to California, new to Sacramento, and new to Rio Americano High School.

But some things etched themselves into my memory. I had a number of excellent students. More than one who was smarter than me. I'm sure Jeremy Gollub knew physics better than I did. And he still does!

A few years ago, I started hearing Goodwin Liu on National Public Radio. Goodwin was one of my brightest students from that first year. So I wrote a post about it.

Now it seems he's caught the eye of President Obama. He's been nominated to serve on 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is not happy about the nomination.

Physics teacher Dean Baird (D-CA) is delighted. I hope to visit him when he eventually takes his place on the Supreme Court of the United States. If you don't know Goodwin, you'll think I'm getting ahead of myself.

Congratulations, Goodwin! I'm proud of you beyond what my words can convey!

UPDATE: Two blogs I know of that are tracking Goodwin Liu's progress as a nominee.
Confirm Goodwin Liu
Support Goodwin Liu

Facebook Group:
Confirm Goodwin Liu


Anonymous said...

I hope you saw his performance in the confirmation hearing today. And, if I may agree with you, we'll eventually see a Justice Liu at the SCOTUS.

Dean Baird said...

I couldn't watch live, but I did watch the hearing in its entirety thanks to CSPAN's webstream.

He was brilliant in the face of harsh criticism and unfair (though convoluted) attacks.

Every time the Texabama Republicans tried to grasp at something, it crumbled in their grasp.

Goodwin was solid: calm, composed, and quietly confident. I am very, very proud of him.