Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why does Glenn Beck hate science?

Glenn Beck recently trashed Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nye's crime? Other than being involved in science? An appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show. To make matters worse, Nye spoke truth about snowstorms and global warming. Clearly, Nye was begging to be put on Beck's Enemies List.

While Beck attempted to sell his typical twisted manipulations, Maddow wasn't buying. See for yourself.

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Len said...

Glenn Beck is a blithering idiot (or he plays one, very well), that's why. His entire schtick is anathema to rational thought.

Anonymous said...

While Glenn Beck seems at times to be a bit (at least) unhinged, Bill Nye is over the event horizon himself. Nye, as a true believer in AGW, is more than worthy of mockery by any sane scientist. Apparently Nye didn't get the memo, AGW is dead, ...except in the minds of lunatics like Michael Moore, and far Left politicians (but I repeat myself).

Dean Baird said...

@ytba, I take it that your use of the term "sane scientist" translates as "wing-nut lunatic not connected to climate science"?

Am I right?

Your links are fascinating journeys of paranoia and fiction, so I'll give you that. Snowstorms taken as evidence against climate change? Really?

Stevie Ray said...

Mssrs. Beck, Limbaugh,O'Reily, Hannity, et al. in Right Wing Talk Radio prove that when it comes to reaping the benefits of our economic system, it is better to wrap your schtick in the American Flag rather than in fabric woven from rational thought.
It's obvious that "NONE of the above" understands the difference between WEATHER and CLIMATE (and apparently neither does the majority of the US populace).
I found it ironic that Rush was able to sell EIB commercial time to GM touting the virtues of Cadillac and Chevrolet while he himself boasted about owning a Mercedes. Part of the reason for GM's financial collapse? But let's not quibble shall we - there's another commercial spot to sell, another Gulfstream G250 to purchase.

Anonymous said...

"Your links are fascinating journeys of paranoia and fiction" -- d.b.

Examples, please? At least I give solid refs for my claims. You give me projection and name-calling.

"C3-Headlines" references mostly peer-reviewed papers that clearly show the IPCC report is a pack of lies.

The Mark Moranao material is a compilation of a broad spectrum of information. Your calling it "Snowstorms taken as evidence" totally misrepresents it.

The fact is that the only "support" for AGW has been falsified data, and perversion of the peer-review process.

Thought for the decade...

" * Data for vital 'hockey stick graph' has gone missing
* There has been no global warming since 1995
* Warming periods have happened before - but NOT due to man-made changes"
-- Phil (Climategate crook) Jones


Anonymous said...

P.S. -- You are right about Beck, he is an idiot.

Dean Baird said...

If you really want to argue about AGW, etc., there's an app for that.